Chess Repertoire Manager PRO

Chess Repertoire Manager PRO for PC: Chess Repertoire Manager PRO is a free Board which has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 till now. The was developed by the Ayelmarc and at the moment it has

10+ Installs on Android devices and many more on PC using Emulators. Chess Repertoire Manager PRO has the latest version of v

1.0.4 which was updated last on

March 9, 2019. Its a fun for everyone and the least required android version to run the is

4.1 and up.

Chess Repertoire Manager PRO Developer’s Description

bDo you want to improve your chess gamesb? There are three stages in chess namely iopening middle game and end gamei. You have to improve in all of these stages to see your iELO ratingi climb up. In the bend gameb stage you have to familiarize yourself to those pawn and king ending two pieces ending three pieces ending etc. In the bmiddle gameb you have to learn chess tactics like fork pin skewering uncover backrank checkmate under promotion technique etc. You also have to learn different chess strategies like the center pawn structures color weaknesses knights and bishops against close or open games etc. Lastly in the bopeningb stage you have to learn as much opening theories that were proven overtime. Here is where this tool comes into play. There are many books including online websites on opening theories and this app is your ipower companion tooli.brbrbChess Repertoire Managerb will help you manage and master your favorite chess openings. It is developed to help you practice or train your created opening repertoires by immersion through flash card concept to reinforce memory retention of every board position in your opening. Through this app you can organize your opening repertoires by folders for easy management and concentrate on learning them.brbrIf you already have selection of games in PGN format you can import them in Chess Repertoire Manager. They are just one click away from your fingertip. And voila you can instantly study or train by playing mock games against the moves in your opening repertoire. There is an option of smart move input on the settings so that you can make a move by clicking a square and if that selected square is found in your repertoire it will be automatically moved.brbrYou can also watch your favorite grand masters games through the integrated PGN viewereditor. Just select a game in the included PGN file and click play button to watch the games of the grand masters. The app can read almost all files in PGN format.brbrbMain App Features:bbrbr Can be used offlinebr No adsbr Create unlimited repertoires for white and for blackbr Neatly organize your repertoires inside folders for proper managementbr One touch move feature can be changed in the settings sectionbr Enter your own comment in a particular position for better retention of move to play in the positionbr Instantly populate your repertoire by import from PGN filesbr There are 3 modes: PREPARE where you can input your best move for every possible opponent39s move or import PGN to your repertoire STUDY where you can auto play the moves and TRAIN where you can play mock games against the moves in your Integrated PGN viewereditor can edit PGN and save to Calculate variation count to see how many variation lines beyond the candidate Can set to auto read comments by device39s TTS You can choose on how many moves and repetition you will be You can choose how to train: Random or Sequential.

Chess Repertoire Manager PRO Details

Name: Chess Repertoire Manager PRO
Category: Board
Reviews: 4.2 / 5.0
March 9, 2019
Requires Android:
4.1 and up
Google Play-URL: google play link

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Download Chess Repertoire Manager PRO for Android

In addition, the Chess Repertoire Manager PRO is very interactive and fun to use and the users can enjoy it at any time and anywhere around the world. What are you waiting for? download now Chess Repertoire Manager PRO on your smart devices from link below. Enjoy the Chess Repertoire Manager PRO and go as far as you can. Have fun!

Download: Chess Repertoire Manager PRO (Google Play Store)

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How to Download Chess Repertoire Manager PRO for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac OS X)

To download and install Chess Repertoire Manager PRO on PC we will be needing Android Emulator or an Android OS as the developers have released it on Android platforms only. By using Android emulator we can easily use any App or play any game for Android on our PC or laptop computers. Below we have provided the link of an article which will guide you how can you download an Android Emulator of your choice and install it on your PC.

Download and install Android Emulators for PC

How to install Chess Repertoire Manager PRO for PC and Laptop 

Now it’s our turn to download and install Chess Repertoire Manager PRO on PC using the emulator we have downloaded and installed. All we need to do for that is simply open the Emulator we installed and configure it using our Google Email, as we normally do in Android Devices. when we are done with the Gmail configuration on Play Store simply Open the Play Store and Search ‘Chess Repertoire Manager PRO’ and Select the App to install. Then click on the Install button to start the installation or Pay the price to get the installation started if the App is Paid. Once installed, Click ‘open’ to run Chess Repertoire Manager PRO for PC. That’s All.

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