Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series

Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series for PC: Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series is a free Tools which has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 till now. The was developed by the Chainfire and at the moment it has

10,000+ Installs on Android devices and many more on PC using Emulators. Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series has the latest version of v

1.03 which was updated last on

March 25, 2019. Its a fun for everyone and the least required android version to run the is .

Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series Developer’s Description

Hidey Hole is an app that aggregates wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of devices S10S10eS10 primarily those that are made to obscure the camera cutout hiding the hole.brbrIt will crash wontfix on any other device!brbrI have no hand in the wallpapers themselves those are madeposted by users in the a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fwww.reddit.com2Fr2FS10wallpapers2FampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNHU3oq8XuKnJASQsVtoRtcY2P6raQrS10wallpapers sub on Reddita.brThis app has a a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fwww.reddit.com2Fr2FS10wallpapers2Fcomments2Fb1ydyh2Fhideyholeanappforthissub2FampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNFUp2IulQKsAmk78DqYKRmeDBq7VAReddit threada as well.brbrThe wallpapers are synced from the rS10wallpapers sub every hour and from a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fwww.galaxys10wallpapers.com2FampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNEJ18A5Vj43qUcCelTNtuXEC0g8nwGalaxy S10 Wallpapersa every six hours.brbrbrbrOf course downloading wallpapers manually and setting them as wallpaper is easy and do you really need yet another wallpaper app? But I personally also like to slightly adjust them. For example I usually turn down the brightness a bit to make text on the homelockscreen better readable so that feature is in the app. Other adjustments include contrast blackpoint and saturation.brbrThe hole thing with these devices intrigues me as well. So I wanted to know if I could determine in code where they were and autorealignscale images made for one model to another. While the cameras are close to eachother they don39t overlap exactly and this discrepancy shows when using an image made for one device on another out of sync hole. Works pretty well on S10S10E leaves something to be desired on the S10.brThe algorithm is generic so support for more devices should be easy to add. This idea is really what led me to build this might as well release it now I39ve satisfied my curiosity.brbrAs an example of the above the height of the cutout on the S10 is a little bit less than that of the S10. When using an S10 image on the S10 you still get a curve of missing pixels below the cutout. This realignscale feature slightly zooms and offsets the image so the holes align.brbrh1Featuresh1brbr Browse holey imagesbrbr Set homescreen lockscreen both wallpapersbrbr Image adjustments: brightness contrast blackpoint saturationbrbr Image scaling: align the image39s hole to your current devicebrbr Sorting by new or popularbrbr Device filteringbrbr Category filteringbrbr Download wallpapersbrbrh1Notesh1brbrThe scraper takes all images from the sub that have a dedicated post that directly links to it. Only reddit and imgur links are currently supported. Minimum width is 640 pixels and the aspect ratio has to be just right.brbrI might add scraping the comments at some point but this is not currently done.brbrThe category a wallpaper ends up in is decided by the flair of the post.brbrA lot of recent images include the phone39s frame. While those work fine on the exact device they were meant for they do not rescale well to other devices. And IMHO it doesn39t look good but that39s just my opinion you are free to completely ignore.brbrh1Freedom!h1brbrThis app is free without inapp purchases without ads without tracking other than popularity of wallpapers but with GPLv3 a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fgithub.com2FChainfire2FHideyHoleampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNFP0m8PSi4CICWJmohQmcOFQGm2Qsaucea. The backend has a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fgithub.com2FChainfire2FHideyHoleBackendampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNE1JgRvWCl8gj9eUC1vHoR51Twwsaucea too!brbrh1Feedbackh1brbrEither leave a review on Play that I probably won39t read comment in the a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fwww.reddit.com2Fr2FS10wallpapers2Fcomments2Fb1ydyh2Fhideyholeanappforthissub2FampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNFUp2IulQKsAmk78DqYKRmeDBq7VAReddit threada or submit to the a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fgithub.com2FChainfire2FHideyHole2FissuesampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNFmoCe7OBQvTFaiEMNtjBNej1aMwGitHub issue trackerabrbrh1Motion effecth1brbrHoley wallpapers don39t play nice with the motion effect. The app does not have sufficient rights to adjust this setting. To disable it in your home screen first apply one of Samsung39s wallpapers which allows you to deselect iMotion effecti. Then go back to using iHidey Holei.brbrIt can be done through iadb shelli with isettings put system wallpapertiltstatus 0i.

Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series Details

Name: Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series
Category: Tools
Reviews: 4.8 / 5.0
March 25, 2019
Requires Android:
Google Play-URL: google play link

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Download Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series for Android

In addition, the Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series is very interactive and fun to use and the users can enjoy it at any time and anywhere around the world. What are you waiting for? download now Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series on your smart devices from link below. Enjoy the Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series and go as far as you can. Have fun!

Download: Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series (Google Play Store)

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How to Download Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac OS X)

To download and install Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series on PC we will be needing Android Emulator or an Android OS as the developers have released it on Android platforms only. By using Android emulator we can easily use any App or play any game for Android on our PC or laptop computers. Below we have provided the link of an article which will guide you how can you download an Android Emulator of your choice and install it on your PC.

Download and install Android Emulators for PC

How to install Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series for PC and Laptop 

Now it’s our turn to download and install Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series on PC using the emulator we have downloaded and installed. All we need to do for that is simply open the Emulator we installed and configure it using our Google Email, as we normally do in Android Devices. when we are done with the Gmail configuration on Play Store simply Open the Play Store and Search ‘Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series’ and Select the App to install. Then click on the Install button to start the installation or Pay the price to get the installation started if the App is Paid. Once installed, Click ‘open’ to run Hidey Hole for Galaxy S10 series for PC. That’s All.

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